Akuapem South primary must be conducted soon –NPP polling station executives

The polling station executives of the governing New Patriotic Party (NPP) in the Akuapem South Constituency in the Eastern Region have urged the leadership of the party to hold the parliamentary primary as soon as possible.

The party members who signed a press release on Friday, indicated that the delay of the election “has instilled significant fear, panic, apprehension, and anxiety within the Akuapem South Constituency.”

The group said the delay has also led to an “environment of uncertainty and concern among our members and constituents.”

This comes after the leadership of the party postponed the primaries following the the exit of the current MP, Osei Bonsu Amoah, from the contest few days to the original date of the primary.

It is believed the NPP postponed the polls to ensure that the party holds a credible primary and get the right person to lead the party in the constituency.

However, the group of polling station executives suggest the delay continues to “escalate the operational costs for the aspirant and the broader operations within our constituency.”

Below is their statement;


Press Release

Subject: Urgent Concerns Regarding the Delay of Akuapem South NPP Constituency Parliamentary Primaries

Date: 2nd February, 2024

We, the concerned members and Polling Station Executives of the Akuapem South NPP, are issuing this press release following the delay in conducting the constituency Parliamentary Primaries. This delay was relayed to us in a letter from the General Secretary of the party, dated 25th January, 2024, with reference Number NPP/HQ/ PR/2024/01/25/GS/ASC.

Key Points of Concern:

1. Fear, Panic, Apprehension, and Anxiety: The delay has instilled significant fear, panic, apprehension, and anxiety within the Akuapem South Constituency, leading to an environment of uncertainty and concern among our members and constituents.

2. Daily Increase in Aspirant’s Operational Costs: The ongoing delay continues to escalate the operational costs for the aspirant and the broader operations within our constituency, placing an increased financial toll on our NPP members and constituents.

3. Urgent Need for Early Preparations: In light of the delay, it has become imperative to avoid any unnecessary delays in preparing for the 2024 General Election. Early preparations are crucial to fostering healing and reconciliation, paving the way for a united and prepared party.

4. NDC’s Parliamentary Candidate Election: Notably, the NDC has already elected their parliamentary candidate, highlighting the urgency and importance for the NPP to expedite our electoral processes.

5. Demand for Explanation: We request a clear and thorough explanation from the regional and national leadership regarding the reasons for the postponement of our internal elections.

6. Aspirants’ Capabilities: We believe that any of the three aspirants named in the notice of the poll possesses the capability and potential to win the seat for the NPP in Akuapem South.

In conclusion, we emphasize the pivotal nature of resolving these urgent concerns for the cohesion and success of our party’s representation in the Akuapem South Constituency. Our members and constituents are eagerly awaiting a prompt and decisive response from the regional and national leadership. We also plead that the leadership of our party allow the election to take place by the 7th of February 2024.

Attached herewith is the list of Polling Station Executives with their contact numbers and signatures for your perusal.

[Names and titles of signatories]



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