Bawumia urges Bawku factions to embrace peace and resolve conflict

Vice President Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia, on a visit to Bawku on December 12, 2023, called for an immediate end to the conflict between Mamprusis and Kusasis.

Addressing the Bawkunaba and elders, he emphasized the importance of peaceful resolution through the established legal channels.

“The constitution offers a clear path to resolve chieftaincy disputes,” Dr. Bawumia stated. “Fighting and bloodshed will only perpetuate the suffering. The Constitution and the House of Chiefs, culminating in the Supreme Court, are the designated avenues for addressing these disagreements.”

He highlighted the detrimental impact of the conflict on the community and its development, expressing his pain as a son of the North. He emphasized the shared history and cultural similarities between the two groups, underscoring the possibility of peaceful coexistence.

“We are fundamentally one people. We have intermarried for generations, our languages are intertwined. I firmly believe that peace and harmony are achievable in Bawku, and I will actively work towards that goal. We must choose peace over conflict.”

Dr. Bawumia emphasized the urgent need for development and a shift in focus towards improving the lives of Bawku’s residents. He pledged his commitment to uplifting the community from poverty and underdevelopment, but stressed that peace is a prerequisite for progress.

“Our youth need jobs, education, healthcare, and infrastructure. We should be fighting for these advancements, not against each other. The enemy we face is poverty and underdevelopment, not each other.”

The Bawkunaba commended Dr. Bawumia’s visit, acknowledging it as a symbol of unity and hope.

The Vice President was accompanied by a government delegation, including the Interior Minister, Chieftaincy Minister, NPP Chairman, and several MPs from the north.



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