Concerning the GN Bank Case: A Call for Balanced Perspective, Not Mockery or Mistreatment

Ever since Dr. Nduom’s companies, including GN Bank, were collapsed under the Nana Akufo-Addo government, whenever Dr. Nduom speaks about the injustice done to him regarding the revocation of GN Bank’s license or tries to complain or call for the restoration of GN Bank, we have had people within the government coming after him. Shockingly, even some people, especially NDC sympathizers, come to laugh at him and mock him for suffering under this government because they believe he supported them in opposition.

They go so far as to say that the God of Mahama is the one punishing Dr. Nduom because he vehemently campaigned against former president Mahama for his loss. Some NDC sympathizers even believe that Dr. Nduom worked for or with President Nana Addo for the NPP to win power in 2016, and as a result, if Nduom is suffering under this NPP government, he should keep quiet and suffer, and has no right to complain because he was one of them. They seem not to care because it is Nduom who is suffering, and they believe he deserves what he is going through.

It is not fair to wish Nduom to suffer simply because he campaigned against Mahama in 2016. What has happened to Nduom can happen to anyone, be it in power now or in opposition, and we all have to speak against such mistreatment meted out to Nduom unfairly.

Here are the facts:

Nduom does not hate Mahama nor campaigned against him because he was in bed with Nana Addo’s NPP. The fact is, he was also a presidential candidate in the 2016 elections and was campaigning for himself to become the president of Ghana. He believed he was in a better position to lead the country than any of the other candidates. In the process, he was found speaking against Mahama and some of his policies that he felt were not helping Ghanaians. Anything he said about Mahama was in light of also projecting himself as a better candidate at the time, which also went a long way to make the Mahama government popular. Isn’t this an expected natural outcome of any campaign against the ruling party? Probably, the NPP and Nana Addo might be the indirect beneficiaries of Dr. Nduom’s campaign in terms of electoral fortunes. The PPP and Nduom did not intend to directly campaign to benefit the NPP in any way. They wanted to win and believed it was possible.

Now, to the people who believe Dr. Nduom’s campaign benefited Nana Addo and the NPP, shouldn’t they rather spend their energies on asking the right questions about why Nana Addo and the NPP that supposedly benefited from Dr. Nduom’s campaign are the ones rather destroying his companies instead of helping him? Shouldn’t we all be concerned that a supposed ally like Nana Addo and his cronies are the ones being wicked towards Nduom? Does Nduom really deserve that from the people in the ruling government? Have they been fair to him if that’s how some of you feel? If there’s anything to say about the GN Bank case, shouldn’t it be directed to the doorstep of Nana Addo for having caused this mess for Nduom and many other Ghanaians alike? Instead of mocking Nduom, why not speak against the wickedness of some few people within the government and the bad governance?

If we all knew what the future held for us in the past, there are certain mistakes that we would have avoided. You think if Nduom knew Nana Addo’s government would have caused him this harm, he would have done things that supposedly supported Nana Addo’s agenda? Nobody knows tomorrow, so we should all tread cautiously. Despite our political differences, we shouldn’t condone injustice, wickedness, and obvious abuse of power. We all deserve a fair hearing. If you can’t speak to support the plight of Nduom, don’t mock him or gloat, because it can happen to you too.

Change is the only constant thing in life. As human beings, we are all prone to change our minds at some point in time if deemed fit.

In any case, the Ghanaians who were employed by GN are the ones who were affected by the collapse of the company. Mocking Dr. Nduom only serves to rub salt into the wounds of the several Ghanaians who were rendered jobless.

Mocking Dr. Nduom also mocks the millions of dollars wasted to collapse his and other businesses, rather than using that same amount or less to prop them up.

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