Court to deliver judgement on alleged coup plotters case today

The three-member panel presiding over the high treason case involving ACP Benjamin Agordzo is expected to deliver judgment later today, January 24, 2024, on the fate of the accused persons.

ACP Benjamin Agordzo, the late Dr. Mac Palm, and eight others were arraigned in 2021 for counts of conspiracy to commit high treason and high treason.

The ten had been arrested earlier in 2019 after a police swoop at the Citadel hospital, associating the accused persons with a plot to destabilize the country. The state presented 13 witnesses, including officers from the Ghana Armed Forces (GAF).

During the trial, the state also presented video evidence of how the accused persons were plotting to destabilize the country, including how they allegedly planned to manufacture ammunition.

However, all the accused persons have pleaded not guilty to the charges and concluded their defenses.

Dr. Mac Palm, at whose hospital the accused were arrested, got his testimony struck out as he passed away last year.

The judgment to be delivered today will determine the fate of the accused, who, per the constitution, may be liable to a death sentence if found guilty.



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