Current ministers not performing; all they care about is how to share ‘looted’ money – Domelovo

Former Auditor-General, Daniel Domelevo has criticised the ministers and other appointees of the Akufo-Addo administration, stressing that they have failed the country through that non-performance since assuming power.

The anti-corruption icon believes the progress of the country in recent years has stalled due to the clandestine corrupt activities of most ministers who are supposed to use their positions to better the lives of the Ghanaian people.

According to him, corruption had taken centre stage in governance in recent years such that the country has lost huge sum of millions to corruption and bribery that are created and executed by the offices of the dishonest ministers who are in power.

“To be honest, the ministers, they don’t do the work I think they should be doing; they don’t involve themselves with policies. They get involved in operations; they are there awarding contracts. they want to be part of the sharing of monies,” Domelovo said in an interview with Emmanuel Wilson Jnr on Politics and Beyond programme on TV XYZ.

Mr Domelovo’s comment comes at a time Ghanaians are complaigning about the seeming negligence that has affected the generation of power in the country, resulting in widespread consistent power outages in most parts of the country for months.

Ghanaians whose businesses have been consistently affected by the incessant power cuts have called on the government to publish load shedding timetable for them to be able to plan their daily activities.

Domelovo who believes there are a lot to be done in the majority of ministries to the benefit of Ghanaians constantly points to corruption as the major act that siphons the national purse.

The former Audotor-General listed some acts, from some ministers, have hindered the growth of the country.

Below is his arguement;



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