Demo to hit GNPC as MD proposes gargantuan salary increase amid financial struggles

Senior staff members of the Ghana National Petroleum Corporation (GNPC) are gearing up to take to the streets in protest if a controversial decision to substantially increase the salary of the current Managing Director, Mr. Ahwene Danquah, receives board approval. The move comes amidst growing concern over the corporation’s financial health, with GNPC reportedly unable to meet payment obligations to vital infrastructure providers.

The proposed salary increment, which surpasses 100 percent and totals GHC 262,000 per month excluding various allowances, has ignited fury among aggrieved public sector workers. If greenlit, this would inflate the MD’s allowances by a staggering 120 percent, resulting in a mouth-watering monthly accumulation of nearly GHC 600,000.

In addition to the salary hike, Mr. Ahwene Danquah is said to enjoy lavish perks during his frequent travels abroad, including daily allowances of $700 alongside accommodation expenses of $1,000 or pounds, depending on the destination zone. However, concerns have been raised regarding the lack of accountability for these expenditures, as receipts for accommodation expenses remain elusive.

Adding fuel to the fire, it has been alleged that the MD, who is purportedly a relative of the President, has requested two brand new Land Cruisers as part of his remuneration package, prompting questions about nepotism and extravagant spending within the corporation.

Expressing their dismay, the convenor of the Aggrieved Public Sector Workers Ghana, Mr. Norbert Gborgbortsi, condemned the proposed salary increase as detrimental to the nation’s development. The group has called upon the Public Services Commission and the Fair Wages Commission to vehemently oppose the proposal, citing the urgent need to safeguard GNPC from financial turmoil.

As tensions escalate and discontent brews within the ranks, the actions of the GNPC MD are increasingly viewed as counterproductive to the corporation’s stability and the welfare of its employees. With mounting pressure on decision-makers to address these concerns, the fate of GNPC’s financial future hangs in the balance.

Aggrieved Public Sector Workers Union Ghana
Convenor: Norbert Gborgbortsi 0201303423

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