Ghana has not lost its musical identity – Abochi

Ghanaian highlife musician Abochi has made it clear that, in his opinion, those who believe Ghana has lost its musical identity or voice are entirely mistaken.

In a recent conversation on Xzone of TV XYZ, the “Bestie” hitmaker said Ghanaian music has not lost its identity. Rather, Ghanaians love foreign stuff more than their own.

He told host Afia Owusu that Ghanaian artists are talented and are doing well with their music.

However, even the popular genre, which is afrobeat, has highlife elements in it, of which Ghanaians are the real originators.

“Ghanaian music hasn’t lost its identity. I see highlife in afrobeat. Ghanaians prefer foreign stuff over their own, whether it’s movies or music, because we always feel theirs are better than ours. But Ghanaians are doing very well; Ghanaians are very talented, and if you check afrobeat, a lot of songs have highlife elements,” he said.

According to Abochi, Ghanaian artists are not moving away from producing their original sound; music is rather dynamic.

“So I still hear highlife in Afrobeat. I don’t think we are moving away from our original sound; what I know is that there will always be changes in music,” he added.

watch the video below; 


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