Ghanaian music is not heard in the diaspora — Ceo, Ghana Music Awards USA

CEO of Ghana Music Awards USA, Dennis Boafo, popularly known as Don D, has revealed that Ghanaian music is not being played in the diaspora.

Speaking to Afia Owusu, known in the showbiz space as Afia Coke, on Xzone, Don D asserted that Ghanaian music is only played in Ghanaian homes and not in the mainstream. Citing an example, he said “Terminator” by King Promise is a good song but it has never been played outside Ghana, on TV, or radio.

“Ghanaian music is only played in Ghanaian homes. I play only Ghanaian music; I don’t play any other music apart from Ghanaian music. ‘Terminator’ is doing well in Ghanaian homes, but we need to push him out there; it needs to be in stores. When I say stores, I want you to go to a departmental store, a clothing line, Walmart, radio, and TV, then his music is playing. No Ghanaian artist has their songs in the mainstream in America,” he said.

He further stated that Ghanaians prefer talking over showing actions. However, Ghanaian artists must be intentional with their promotion.

“Ghanaian artists should be intentional about their promotion; Ghanaians talk too much instead of taking actions,” he added.


watch video below; 


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