Goldstar Air to further enhance Kwahu Easter festival on global stage

Indigenous Ghanaian airline Goldstar Air will further enhance the Kwahu Easterfestival on the global stage by providing complete travel packages to and from Kwahu during their annual Easter festivals.

According to the Chief Executive Officer, Eric Bannerman, the airline collaborated
with the Ghana Tourism Authority and the Ministry of Tourism, Arts, andCulture to make the previous Kwahu Easter festival very successful.

The Kwahu Easter Paragliding has also become an International Aviation sports,
attracting thousands of tourists into the country for memorable experiences during the festival. It also plays a pivotal role in boosting domestic tourism, thereby creating jobs and revenue for the indigenes especially the youth.

Kumasi International Airport will serve as the gateway for our flights from European cities to Kwahu, with a driving distance of approximately 133 kilometers depending on the place one wants to visit, while the Accra Kotoka International Airport will also serve
as the gateway for flights from North American cities to Kwahu, with a driving
distance of approximately 166 kilometers also depending on the place one would want to visit.

Goldstar said its packages will be customized and affordable and include buses from Kumasi International Airport and Accra Kotoka International Airport to Kwahu and back to the airport for return flights.

Moreover, many package deals will include additional benefits, such as a 24/7 customer support or access to exclusive perks at hotels or tourist attractions.

The airline will collaborate with stakeholders to give travelers an all-in-one experience to book flights, travel insurance, access to thousands of hotel properties and cars to unlock even more flexibility and savings for your travel program.

Inflight promotions and special deals will be available for all festivals in Ghana, such as December in Ghana, Beyond the Return, Homowo, Akwasidae, Aboakyer, Fetu Afahye, Asafotufiam, Hogbetsotso, Chale Wote, Bakatue, Panafest, Kundum, Foo, Kpini Chugu, Kajoji, Ngmayem, Akwantukese, Odwira, Kwafie, and others.

Additionally, many packages will include extras like free breakfast, airport transfers, upgrading your accommodations, and the option to customize your trip by adding services which can help make trips of Goldstar’s clients even more affordable according to once preferences and budget.

These added features contribute to a worry-free vacation where all one needs to do is sit back, relax, and enjoy every moment of the trip.

“Travel partnerships are a powerful way to boost airline revenue, offer more value to customers, and often achieve greater impact when we work together,” Goldstar Airlines said in a statement.

By collaborating with other travel-related businesses, such as hotels, car rental companies, tour operators, and travel agencies, the airline said it will create attractive packages, cross-sell products, and leverage marketing opportunities.

The airline’s vision is to maximize the potential of travel partnerships; therefore, it will be important to choose the right partners who share our vision, values, and standards. Negotiations will be very clear and concise, with roles, responsibilities, and expectations defined.

“We will communicate the benefits and features of the partnership to customers in order to add value to their travel experience.”

Goldstar Air also assured that it will ensure that systems and processes are integrated with partners for efficient transactions, bookings, payments, and data exchange.

Goldstar Airlines will also monitor and evaluate the partnership’s performance and outcomes by using data
and feedback.

“With these best practices in mind, we can create successful travel
partnerships that benefit our businesses and customers, while simultaneously
creating over one hundred thousand direct job opportunities for Ghanaians, ” the Airline stated.

Goldstar Air will initially be flying from Kumasi International Airport to Rome,
Madrid, Hamburg, London, Dusseldorf, and Milan.

From the Accra Kotoka
International Airport, the Airline will fly to Baltimore, Washington, Dubai, Lagos, Toronto, Monrovia, Conakry, Abidjan, Guangzhou, Dakar, Banjul, Rhode Island, London, and Freetown.



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