GPRTU suspends 60% fare increment

The Ghana Private Road Transport Union (GPRTU) has suspended the decision increase transport fares by 60 per cent.

The biggest transport union had earlier announced its decision to implement a 60% increase in transport fares in 2024, following the introduction of the Emission Levy Bill in January 2024.

But in an interview with Piesie Okrah on TV XYZ midday news, the Public Relations Officer for GPRTU, Abass Imoro, said the increment of the fares had been “put on hold for a while.”

He explained that the actual time to effect the increase in fares had not been determined yet, adding the Union has petitioned the Speaker of Parliament on the Emission Levy Bill.

He said the bill will overburden drivers especially when the prices of spare parts had been increased.

“The Abossey Okai spare parts dealers have increased their prices due to high import charges so the increase in fares will happen but we are holding on a bit due to the petition,” Imoro said in Akan.

He continued, ” if nothing is being done or nothing can be done about these levies, then we will come out with an upward adjustment of lorry fares not less than 60%.”

About the Emissions Levy Bill 

The recently passed Emissions Levy Bill by Parliament imposes an annual fee of 100 cedis on all owners of petrol and diesel cars, starting from January 2024.

The government aims to promote the use of environmentally friendly energy sources for vehicle power through this tax, aligning with its commitment to climate-positive actions and carbon offset initiatives.

In response to these developments, the GPRTU has petitioned the Speaker of Parliament, urging a reconsideration of the Emission Levy Bill.



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