Guinea’s military junta dissolves govt as transition set to end this year.

Guinea’s ruling National Council of the Rally for Development (CRND) has dissolved the interim government in the west African nation.

A decree was read on state television on Monday by the presidency’s secretary-general, who was surrounded by other military officials and several armed and masked soldiers.

The decree provides that directors of cabinet, secretary generals and their deputies will be in charge until a new government is formed.

Ibrahima Sory Bangoura, chief of staff of the armed forces, said in a communiqué dated Monday that members of the dissolved government had to return their vehicles and passports as soon as possible. Their bodyguards also had to end their service and the ministers’ bank accounts were frozen, he added.

The government was in office since July 2022.

The military junta is headed by general Mamadi Doumbouya took power by force in September 2021.

Under pressure, the then colonel agreed with ECOWAS to end a transition by late 2024.


Source : Africanews

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