Guinness World Records Declares Chef Smith’s Certificate As Fake

Guinness World Records has declared Ghanaian chef, Chef Smith’s certificate which indicates he is the current record holder for the longest cooking marathon by an individual as fake.

Replying to an inquiry by Derek Edem Kojo, a Ghanaian journalist with GhOne TV on the authenticity of the said certificate and the recognition conferred on the chef, Madalyn Bielfield, PR Manager for Guinness World Records stated emphatically that Alan Fisher holds the current record (Ireland).

She also confirmed the position of many who suggested the certificate was fake saying; “No, this is not true at all. He does not hold the GWR title and that is not our certificate.”

On Tuesday, July 2, 2024, Chef Smith during a press conference held at La Palm Hotel in Accra announced himself as the current GWR title holder for the longest cooking marathon by an individual.

At the news conference, Chef Smith said, “I am deeply humbled and honoured to announce that I am now the new world record holder for the cook-a-thon”.

The inscription on his Guinness World Record certificate, displayed during the event, read: “The longest cooking marathon (individual) is 802 hours 25 minutes and was achieved by Ebenezer Smith (Ghanaian) in Spintex, Accra, Ghana. From 1 February to 6 March, 2024.”

The citation indicates that Chef Smith was accorded the record with a time of 802 hours and 25 minutes.

Chef Smith Reportedly Secures Guinness World Record For Longest Individual Cooking Marathon


Ghanaian Chef, Ebenezer Smith, also known as Chef Smith, has reportedly clinched the longest individual cooking marathon title, setting a new Guinness World Record with a staggering 802 hours and 25 minutes.

As reported by and pulse, Chef Smith held a press conference at the La Palm Beach Hotel on Tuesday, July 2, 2023, to share this remarkable achievement formally.

A banner at the conference room’s entrance proclaimed: “Press Conference. Unveiling the New World Cook-a-Thon Record Holder. Millennium Chef Smith from Ghana with an incredible 802 hours, 25 minutes to dethrone Irish King, Alan Fisher.”

Later reports by depicted Chef Smith holding up a plaque containing a certificate from GWR proclaiming him the new record holder.

However, as of the publication of this story, the official world record holder, according to the Guinness World Records official website, remains Alan Fisher, with a record of 119 hr 57 min 16 sec.

Embarking on his marathon on February 1, Chef Smith had his sights set on breaking the existing record with a target of 1200 hours.

Though falling short of his initial goal, he triumphantly concluded his attempt on March 6, after 820 hours.










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