Highly Spiritual Records made me – Kurl Songs

Ghanaian artist Kurl Songs has acknowledged Highly Spiritual Records as the cornerstone of his music career.

According to the “Jennifer Lomotey” hitmaker, his recognition in the music industry would not have been possible without the support of Highly Spiritual Records.

“Where I am now, if it weren’t for Highly Spiritual, I wouldn’t be here,” he explained.

However, Kurl Songs believes that as individuals pursuing growth in the music industry, it is common for artists to part ways with their record labels.

“It’s important for us to grow, and sometimes as business-minded individuals, we may not want to remain with one label for too long. Eventually, the time comes when artists want to explore other opportunities and see what comes next,” he added.

In an interview with Afia Owusu on Xzone on TV XYZ, Kurl Songs highlighted the importance of artist management. He believes that having proper management has been beneficial to his career.

“For me, having management is crucial. It has helped me tremendously,” he emphasized.

Kurl Songs emphasized that after parting ways with Highly Spiritual Records, he is currently not under any management.

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