‘If you’ll abolish E-levy, do so now’ – Akandoh tackles Bawumia

The MP for Juaboso, Mr Kwabena Mintah Akandoh, has admonished Ghanaians to ignore the new promises of the flag bearer of the NPP, Dr Mahamudu Bawumia, saying he is a dishonest politician who wants to swindle electorates for power.

The former minister made this assertion while reacting to the new pledges from the vice president to abolish some taxes, which are his creation, when he wins the 2024 elections.

The legislator, who mentioned the economic down turn and a weak currency under Bawumia’s tenure, said the NPP’s new leader lacks credibility which is stemmed from his consistent lies to Ghanaians ever since he became the vice president of the Republic.

Commenting on Bawumia’s pledge to scrap the controversial Electronic Levy, Akandoh stated that the vice president was behind the drafting of the tax and , as such, cannot be trusted to abolish it when he wins power.

What He Said About E-Levy

While delivering his first major address to the nation after he was elected NPP flagbearer, Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia, stated categorically that he would abolish the tax on electronic financial transactions (e-levy) if he wins the 2024 polls.

Dr Bawumia added that his bid for a Digital and Cashless Ghana will be significantly boosted if e-levy is abolished.

Dr Mahamudu Bawumia

“To move towards a cashless economy, however, we have to encourage the population to use electronic channels of payment. To accomplish this, there will be no taxes on digital payments under my administration. The e-levy will, therefore, be abolished,” he declared.

Dr. Bawumia also announced that as part of a new tax regime by his government, he will abolish the emission tax, tax on betting as well as the proposed 15% VAT on electricity tariffs, if it is in existence by January 2025.

Akandoh’s Jab

Mr Akandoh who described Dr Bawumia as pathetic liar, indicated that prior to the drafting of the tax policy in 2022, the Vice President had already declared his opposition to levies on electronic financial transactions in an interview, questioning the rationale behind such moves.

“Before the introduction of E-levy, Bawumia opposed it but when E-Levy was introduced he could not come out to speak on it but went for a party to celebrate the implementation of the tax.”

“What does Bawumia mean when he says he will abolish the E-Levy? If he will do it, what is preventing him from scrapping it now? He does not have the credibility for any Ghanaian to trust him,” Akando posited while listing most of his failed promises, including the crash of Ghana’s economy which he said was doing well under Mahama yet Bawumia criticised its growth.

He said It is John Mahama who can be trusted to rescue the country from the economic mess that has brought untold hardhip to Ghanaians over the past 7 years.

He said the policies of Mahama are clear resonate with the immediate needs and aspirations of Ghanaians, adding that the NDC rejected E-levy from its conception and will abolish it when they return to power.

John Mahama’s Job Creation Drive

On his tour of the country recently dubbed ‘Building Ghana Tour’, Mr Mahama touched on some of his job creation and Industrialization policies which was hinged on implementing a 24-hour economy.

He also pledged to establish a Western Industrial Development Enclave, create well-paying jobs through various initiatives, including completing abandoned projects and establishing factories based on ecological advantages.

The former president also said the next NDC administration will establish factories across the country based on ecological areas’ comparative advantages. For instance, he mentioned Pwalugu tomato factory, meat factory for Wulugu and Zuarungu, cocoa, cashew, tomato, and other food processing plants.

He also promised to increase government’s share of profit and revenue from natural resources to fund development and reduce tax burdens.


By Henryson Okrah| Myxyzonline.com

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