I’m a vegan — Okyeame Kwame gives tips on what keeps him looking young

Ghanaian rapper and songwriter Okyeame Kwame has revealed that he still looks young because he’s a vegan. According to Okyeame, he doesn’t consume anything made from meat, fish, or eggs.

“I’m a vegan, which means someone who doesn’t consume meat. I don’t eat anything made from meat, like cheese, milk, fish, or eggs. I avoid red meat and chicken as well,” he explained.

Speaking to Afia Owusu, Okyeame revealed that if one wants to avoid 60% of the diseases in the world, they must reduce their intake of sugar and meat.

“If you are able to reduce your sugar intake and meat consumption, you can prevent 60% of any disease in the world,” he said on XZONE on TV XYZ.

He further explained that the body communicates with you as you grow older, but you may not understand it until you’re old. He started paying attention to his body at the age of 40.




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