Kwaku Asare tears EC’s press release on SALL in response to Franklin Cudjoe

US based Constitutional Lawyer, Professor Kweku Asare, aka Kweku Azar has slammed the Electoral Commission for its spirited attempt to justify its decision to disenfranchise the people of Santrokofi, Akpafu, Lipke and Lolobi (SALL), in the Oti region of the Volta region, less than 24 hours before the 2020 Parliamentary elections.

His response follows EC’s statement suggesting its hands are clean


Your job is to ensure that all registered voters are assigned to a constituency to vote. Your job is not to make excuses as to why you have disenfranchised voters.

Why don’t you add your letter of December 6, 2020 directing voters in SALL not to take part in the parliamentary elections?

Neither the ministry of local government nor Parliament is charged with assigning voters to constituencies. It is only the EC that is so charged and in performing that task it is not subject to the direction or letters from the ministry of local government.

An attempted creation of a district late in the election season is no license for you to abdicate your responsibility to assign voters to a constituency.

You do not direct voters to refrain from voting on December 6, 2020 only to justify it in May 2024 with some correspondence from the ministry of local government creating a district in November 2020.

Accept responsibility for this cardinal sin and stop the excuses.

You failed and you must

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