Mahama expresses shock over high taxes on vehicle imports at Tema Port

Former President, John Mahama has described as ridiculous and shocking the tall list of taxes imposed on the importation of vehicles into the country.

According to him, the current conditions at the Tema Port are making Ghana unattractive for investment and business.

Mr. Mahama added that unless urgent action is taken, the situation will continue to deteriorate.

He said “There is a 2023 Lexus; these are the charges: 20% import duty, import VAT, then processing fees, then ECOWAS levy, vehicle examination fee, then network charges, then network charge VAT, then network charge COVID. I am shocked.

“Then Ghana Shippers Authority, then import NHIL, then network charges NHIL, GHS disinfection fee, then MOTI import declaration fee, special import levy, Ghana export-import bank levy, Ghana Education Trust Fund, Ghana Education Trust Fund Network charge, Africa import union levy, then COVID health recovery levy, then certification, then IRS. There is an overage penalty, but it is zero because it is a new car”.

The former President also pointed out the current government had pledged to remove some taxes but rather increased the number of taxes.

He stated that the government has signed an agreement with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) that requires the percentage of revenue to GDP be increased to 24 per cent by 2028, stressing that this is an unrealistic goal given the current economic conditions.

“So if somebody tells you that when I come, I am going to abolish this tax and the person is in government now, ask him to go to the IMF and tell them that they are going to abolish that. Right now, our review is in danger because they also want to put VAT on electricity. You know we opposed it.

“So, this review is going to see where they can find that money because that money would have brought in 1.8 billion, so by now they would be formulating another new tax that they can put on you, so we must be careful with the promises that some people are making.

“If they can do it, let them start implementing it now. Let us see, and do not say we should vote for you before you come and implement it.”




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