Mahama’s Accelerated Export Development Council will propel Ghana into an export-led economy

National Democratc Congress (NDC) flag bearer John Dramani Mahama has
announced plans to set up and personally chair an Accelerated Export Development Council to prepare Ghana to become an export-led economy.

This move comes alongside his 24-hour
economy plan aimed at boosting economic growth and creating job opportunities for the country.

Mr Mahama announced this during his 2024 New Year speech, which outlined his vision for Ghana’s economic development.

He emphasised the importance of boosting export activities, particularly under the ECOWAS Trade Liberalisation Scheme and the African Continental Free Trade Agreement.

According to President Mahama, the council will promote and support the country’s export drive by implementing measures to improve the business environment for exporters and
ensure their competitiveness in the global market.

In addition to the accelerated export development council, President Mahama outlined his plans to enhance security and public safety, which will require significant recruitment into security services and private security operations.

This move aims to create a safe and secure environment for businesses to thrive and contribute to the 24-hour economy plan.

A Mahama government will also provide cheaper and more reliable electricity for businesses that participate in the 24-hour economy.

This will be achieved by implementing a time-of-use tariff system, where companies will benefit from modern smart meters that charge a lesser tariff for power consumed during off-peak hours.

President Mahama’s vision for a 24-hour economy and the establishment of an Accelerated Export Development Council reflects his commitment to driving economic growth and creating sustainable employment opportunities for the people of Ghana.

As the country prepares to take advantage of the opportunities presented by regional and continental trade agreements, these initiatives are expected to play a crucial role in positioning Ghana as a leading export-driven African economy.


By Stan Xoese Dogbe

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