My Govt will prioritise well-being of the people — Mahama

The National Democratic Congress (NDC) flag bearer, John Mahama, has given an assurance that the forthcoming NDC administration will prioritise the well-being of the people by appointing officials from all corners of the country to uphold the principles of inclusive governance enshrined in the Constitution.

Mr Mahama made the commitment in response to the concerns raised by some traditional leaders in the capital at a meeting held at the Regional House of Chiefs at Dodowa last Monday as part of a three-day working tour of the Greater Accra Region.

In an address to the chiefs, Mr Mahama unveiled plans to construct a new conference hall for the Greater Accra Regional House of Chiefs, while repurposing the current structure into a museum to celebrate the rich cultural heritage of the region.

“Despite its age, the building has architectural elegance and we intend to preserve it by transforming it into a museum alongside the new conference centre for your meetings,” he said.

Working tour

The interaction with the chiefs marked the commencement of the former President’s tour in the region as part of his nation-building excursions, which have already spanned nine out of the 16 regions across the country.

Following his visit to Dodowa, the former President visited the Abossey Okai spare parts market in Accra to interact with the traders and address their concerns.

Mr Mahama expressed his gratitude to them for their vital role in the nation’s economy.

He acknowledged the challenges they faced in their business operations and assured them of his commitment to address those issues.

“I know the job you do supports the nation because if you need spare parts and you don’t get them from Abossey Okai, it creates obstacles for you.

We must remove impediments to make your work easier,” he emphasised.

The former President also discussed the need for fixed rates for spare parts to prevent corruption and ensure fair pricing.

He highlighted the importance of reducing shipping line fees and mentioned plans to collaborate with banks to provide traders with loans for clearing goods.

Addressing concerns about a possible relocation of the traders to Afienya, Mr Mahama reassured them that his administration would focus on redeveloping the current trading area to better suit their needs.

He lamented the delay in completing projects such as the Obetsebi Lamptey Interchange, attributing it to funding challenges that arose when the NPP took over.

Mr Mahama underscored the importance of effective economic management and pledged to stabilise the dollar to improve conditions for all Ghanaians.

He also assured the traders that his selection of a female running mate promised to deliver Ghana its first female Vice-President.


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