NDC must unite for victory – Abu Siddique

A policy analyst, Siddique Abubakar Suleiman has advised the leadership of the opposition NDC to lead a reconciliation drive to unite the party ahead of the 2024 general elections.

Although the party is working on its policies for Ghanaians, Siddique, a member of the party’s communication team, believes patching any cracks in the party will help the cause of the NDC.

In an article expressing his views, he urged that “It is crucial for us to join forces and ensure a fair and transparent electoral process, rejecting any form of electoral malpractice.”

He also called on former appointees to join the campaign of the party and sell to Ghanaians the message of hope the NDC and its flagbearer, John Mahama, wield for a resounding victory.


Below is his opinion. 

Unite and Vote for Change:
Let’s Make Meaning of “Taka, Tika, Gangali” Victory in 2024

As Ghana approaches the 2024 elections, it is imperative for National Democratic Congress (NDC) supporters and fellow Ghanaians to come together and work towards bringing about the change that the country desperately needs.

The NDC must prioritize internal reconciliation and unity at all levels to secure a decisive victory in the upcoming elections.

This advice aims to highlight the concerns surrounding the incumbent New Patriotic Party (NPP) and emphasize the need for a united front to counter any attempts to manipulate the electoral process.

It is no secret that the NPP has resorted to dubious tactics in previous elections to retain power. Because the NPP feels defeated, they will start their lies on John Dramani Mahama but Ghanaians will not buy their lies this time as they mistakenly did in 2016.

As loyal supporters of the NDC, we must remain vigilant and prepared to counter any attempts by the NPP to “steal” the elections. It is crucial for us to join forces and ensure a fair and transparent electoral process, rejecting any form of electoral malpractice.

Under the leadership of Dr. Mahmud Bawumia, the NPP has failed to deliver on its promises from previous elections. Corruption and mismanagement have become rampant, making this one of the most corrupt governments in Ghana’s history.

The suffering of Ghanaians has increased, and the country’s economy has suffered. The NPP’s intentions and commitment to the welfare of Ghanaians are questionable, making it imperative for us to seek an alternative.

We must learn from our past successes, such as in 2008 when influential figures like Nana Konadu Agyeman Rawlings became a polling agent in her polling station in 2008 elections.
It’s incumbent on all former position holders in government to emulate such act and more.

By uniting at all levels and forming a cohesive force, we can replicate such successes and lead ourselves to victory in the upcoming elections.

Reconciliation at the regional, constituency, ward, and branch levels is essential to foster unity and cohesion within the party, ultimately strengthening our electoral campaign.

To secure success in 2024, we must effectively communicate our policies and plans to the electorate, presenting a clear alternative to the unfulfilled promises of the NPP.

By highlighting the failures of the incumbent government and showcasing our commitment to the welfare of Ghanaians, we can garner support and convince voters to vote for change.

Former MPs, ministers, DCEs, MCEs, MMDCEs, ambassadors, CEOs, and their deputies play a crucial role in the success of the NDC.

I call upon them to adopt a constituency and potentially serve as polling agents in their respective polling stations.

Their support and dedication in focusing on their constituencies and playing an active role in the party are invaluable in the lead-up to the 2024 elections.

I would like to commend the former chief of staff of Ghana, Mr. Julius Debrah, for availing his radio station and television network for all NDC members to use it to propagate the good works of JDM and the NDC.

Let us unite, forgive each other, and fight for the good of Ghana by electing John Dramani Mahama (JDM) as our leader.

JDM is the only alternative to bring about meaningful change and make Ghana work again.
Comrades this is not just about JDM; it is about our collective future.

Ghana is being torn apart by corruption and mismanagement under this corrupt NPP government.

Allowing them to continue in power would be a grave grave mistake for Ghanaians.
Together, we can create a brighter future for Ghana by voting wisely and ending this corrupt and very inept NPP government.

The upcoming 2024 elections present an opportunity for NDC supporters and Ghanaians to unite and bring about the change that our mother land desperately needs.

Let’s strengthen internal reconciliation, effectively communicating our policies, and countering any attempts at electoral manipulation, we can secure a decisive victory.
Let us unite, vote wisely, and create a brighter future for our beloved country.

As it stands now every sector of our economy is sick as such the only curer with the experience to cure the economy is John Dramani MAHAMA not the failed apprentice Bawumia who’s only experience is the current failure of the Ghanaian economy.

Siddique Abubakar Suleiman,
Ndc commucation member/policy analyst

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