Play Ghana songs always – Akufo-Addo’s daughter to radio stations, DJs and nightclubs

The Executive Secretary of the Creative Arts Agency, Gyankroma Akufo-Addo, has called on various media organizations, Disk Jockey (DJs) and owners of nightclubs in the country to prioritise local songs during their shows.

According to the daughter of President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, the Play Ghana initiative seeks to ensure that songs by Ghanaian artistes are played most of the time in the media and various nightclubs to help improve the visibility of locally produced songs.

She indicated that her outfit is putting measures in place to ensure that the local content law is amended to enable the enforcement of the Play Ghana Songs initiative.

“So the Play Ghana initiative is not an initiative just for Christmas. Coincidentally, it has come around the Christmas season, as obviously, this is the biggest season for our creators. We are pushing to play Ghana songs forever. It is not something that is just stagnant and is something that is just going to be a gimmick. We are here to play Ghanaian music forever,” she said during the minister’s press briefing held at the Ministry of Information.

She further added, “We are asking every single radio station, DJ, nightclub owner, and nightclub promoter to play Ghana music first. So this is not something that is just an initiative that will be pushed every Christmas. It is something that we are starting for Christmas and we are hoping to lead, to be able to change and amend the local content law.”

Ghanaian artistes have been fuming about the lack of support and promotion of their songs which impedes their success.

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