Pray for Gospel musicians; we are not Angels — Obaapa Christy

Ghanaian gospel act Obaapa Christy is making a plea to Ghanaians to pray for gospel musicians instead of overly bashing them when they go wrong.

This is because preaching the word of God through music does not make gospel artists angels. They are human too and are likely to make mistakes like everyone else.

The “Metease” hitmaker said chastising gospel musicians when they go wrong is not the way to go.

“There is no need to say all sorts of things to dampen their spirits. I sometimes hear not too good comments about gospel musicians when their issues come up, which can be very disheartening,” she said.

“Since we are gospel musicians, we are mere mortals and are bound to make mistakes too. Some media persons and Ghanaians dwell on the negatives instead of focusing on the positives. What is the point in rejoicing over someone’s downfall?” she queried.

Obaapa Christy also used the opportunity to advise her colleagues to place value on themselves so they are paid well like their secular counterparts who are said to strike better deals with event organisers.

“I always say that when you place value on yourself, no event organiser will pay you whatever they want but rather give what is due you when you are hired to perform. I have done this for over 20 years for anyone to pay me any amount. I am paid what I am due and that is because I am worth it,” she said.

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