PURC cuts power tariff by 1.52%, marginally hikes water tariff

he Public Utilities Regulatory Commission (PURC) has announced a marginal 0.34% increase in water tariffs and a 1.52% decrease in electricity tariffs effective December 1, 2023.

Residential water tariffs rose from GHS/m³ 4.72 to 4.74, while non-residential rates increased from GHS/m³ 14.13 to 14.19.

Sachet water producers will experience a hike from GHS/m³ 22.26 to 22.34, and industrial consumers will see their tariff move from GHS/m³ 25.29 to 25.38.

Meanwhile, residential lifeline customers will witness a reduction in electricity tariffs from GHS/m³ 0.64 to GHS/m³ 0.63.

The PURC considered factors such as electricity costs, raw water treatment expenses, exchange rates, and inflation in its decision.


Source :classfmonline

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