Rick Ross vows to introduce Stonebwoy to Rihanna for collaboration

A potential dream collaboration between Ghanaian star Stonebwoy and global pop icon Rihanna is brewing, thanks to an unexpected nudge from American rapper Rick Ross.

During a recent Instagram Live chat, Ross, impressed by Stonebwoy’s talent, expressed his desire to work with him on his upcoming Africa-focused project. He then took things a step further, casually dropping the bomb to connect Stonebwoy with Rihanna “this week”!

Stonebwoy, clearly excited, named Rihanna as his dream female collaborator, making Ross’s offer even more enticing. While Ross playfully joked about having a busy week full of birthday celebrations, he confidently reassured Stonebwoy, “We gonna do that.”

This potential collaboration has music lovers buzzing. Ross and Rihanna have a history of successful tracks together, like “Cake Remix” and “Pour It Up Remix,” hinting at the magic they could create with Stonebwoy’s unique Afrobeat flair.

While details remain under wraps, the mere possibility of a Stonebwoy-Rihanna link-up is electrifying. It would be a major milestone for Stonebwoy, solidifying his international presence, and a new chapter for Rihanna’s ever-evolving sound.

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