Sally Mann breaks down in tears as she calls on Ghanaians to support Moesha’s GoFundMe account.

Controversial entertainment pundit, Sally Mann shed tears uncontrollably while calling on the general public to contribute to the GoFundMe account which is set up to help Moesha Boduong’s ailing situation.

Before her breakdown, she fumed about the rate at which some individuals recollect what Moesha did in the past to condemn her in these troubling times and advised them not to judge her because only God knows about everyone’s destiny.

Sally Mann stated that those who are annoyed by Moesha’s utterances and lifestyle and hence would not donate to her should desist from tarnishing her image to the general public to discourage others from contributing their quota to support her.

Speaking in an interview with Power FM and monitored by GhanaWeb, an emotional Sally Mann urged the general public to donate to Moesha’s GoFundMe account to help her situation because nothing would be gained if she died from her sickness.

“I beg Ghanaians that if there is a way that we can save that girl’s [Moesha] life, we should help. Because people’s ways are not God’s ways. Maybe you think she is a waste but for all you know she might even be saved in heaven when the time comes.

“If you’re not going to help don’t stop people from helping her because she is sick and she can die. if that happens, what would you gain from it? Don’t look at what she has done with her life, help her because she is somebody’s daughter,” she said amid tears as a co-pundit consoled her.

Sally’s comment comes after some sections of the public criticized Moesha Buduong for not saving enough funds to cater for herself while she was enjoying life and dating affluent men.

Moesha’s brother, Ebito in a press statement confirmed reports that his sister had suffered a stroke and is in critical condition.

He also went ahead and appealed for funds for Moesha’s treatment at the hospital.

According to a GoFundMe account set up in his name to raise funds for Moesha, Ebito Bodoung said that the stroke has impaired her mobility and speech and that she needs urgent medical attention.

He is asking the public to support him with any amount they can to help Moesha recover.

According to the statement, the funds received will cater for various expenses including therapy sessions and assistive devices.

The account has a target of $10,000 (GHC123,600) and would be looking forward to hit the target.

Since the announcement was made, some individuals have donated some funds to support her.

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