Stop this NIA’s Last Minute Manoeuvre to aid illegal Voter Registration in Pusiga – Dr Omane Boamah

When we tell you the NPP has criminalized state institutions, believe us!

The National Identification Authority (NIA), headed by Bawumia’s bosom friend Ken Attafuah, has strangely chosen this voter registration period to embark on a special pilot program to issue Ghanacards to “Ghanaians living along the borders of Ghana and Burkina Faso in Pusiga.”

The NIA states that, “all Ghanaians living in Pusiga who have not been able to register are encouraged to do so.”

This choice few days after the #EagleEyes of the NDC voter registration agents in Pusiga caused the arrest of the officer of the Electoral Commission (Muhazu) who was using a single Ghanacard to register multiple people to vote on December 07, 2024 is curious and suspicious.

This NIA exercise masked as a collaboration with IOM is simply to aid illegal voters to embark on the last lap of the voter registration exercise.

The NIA wants to give the people driven away from the Pusiga registration centre Ghana cards in order for them to register within these final 7 days and vote on December 07.

The NDC will only allow legal registration of voters!

We have instructed our agents to do the needful!


Recall that in the NDC press conference held on Thursday, 16th May, 2024, we said,

“Ladies and Gentlemen of the Press, we are compelled to address another grave concern: the flagrant abuse of the Ghana Card. It has come to our attention that EC registration officials, in
collusion with elements from our opponents, the NPP, are misusing the Ghana Card extensively. A particularly alarming instance was uncovered at the PUSIGA registration center, where EC registration officer, Muhazu Alhassan, used a single Ghana Card to register over 20 applicants.”

we further added, “Upon discovery, the police were promptly notified, leading to Muhazu Alhassan’s arrest.

Although he has since been granted bail pending further investigation, this incident raises significant concerns. The NPP’s distribution of Ghana Cards to minors to facilitate their registration underscores a systemic manipulation of our electoral process.


The EC has lamented the registration of minors yet conspicuously fails to challenge the National
Identification Authority (NIA) for issuing cards to these minors and misrepresenting their ages.

Why is the EC’s database not integrated with the NIA’s to instantly verify the ages of new voters, especially when $54 million of taxpayer money was invested in 2020 to secure
biometric registration capabilities? What purpose does the NIA serve…”


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