Swifin team in Ghana collaborates with Vanuatu Trade Commission Lumi on how to tackle implementation challenges

The Lumi Implementation Team (LIP) of the Vanuatu Trade Commission, Ghana has stepped up engagements to facilitate how businesses can harness financial opportunities available through the Swifin platform.

The meeting with the Swifin Team in Ghana centered progress report including challenges that need immediate redress.

The two teams, which fashioned out a roadmap for Lumi implementation in Ghana, emphasized on economic growth and financial inclusion.

The primary focus is on empowering youth, with plans to employ over 10,000 individuals in the Swifin Ghana community staff and Agents division.
Collaboration possibilities with Commissioner Prof. Hugh Aryee and the recent agreement between Vanuatu and Eco-6 for a second stimulus in Lumi have sparked interest.

Despite facing financial challenges, optimism remains high with the imminent use of Lumi for transactions and this reflects available data indicating over 50,000 Ghanaians have already registered on the platform.

The Swifin Team is determined to witness Lumi in action, enabling people to enjoy their balances and facilitating loans for businesses.

The Executive Division Head (EDH) of the Swifin Team, expressed gratitude for the courtesy request by His Excellency Amb. Prof. Hugh K Aryee, the Vanuatu Trade Commissioner to Ghana.

The EDH outlined the comprehensive measures taken by the Swifin Team, including the strategic division of Ghana into five zones for streamlined registration.

This vision of the Lumi Implementation Team (LIT) – includes ensuring Ghana reaps the full benefits of the stimulus packages; encourage the Swifin Team to leverage the historical significance of Lumi and the need for alignment with the 4th industrial revolution.

The Trade Commissioner was informed that businesses and individuals on the Swifin platform were yet to be demarcated.

TProf. Hugh Aryee also proposed celebrating “Lumi Day” as done in some other African countries and encouraged the Swifin Team to use the history behind the Lumi currency to spread awareness.
Both parties, the Vanuatu Trade Commission and the Swifin Team agreed to adapt their challenges for mutual success.

They also agreed on the need for an office space to enhance visibility and operations.

The Vanuatu Trade Commission emphasized the need for extensive education about Lumi and encouraged the Swifin Team to share news links for increased awareness.

As Ghana embarks on this groundbreaking journey towards Lumi implementation, the collaboration between the Vanuatu Trade Commission and the Swifin Team reflects a shared commitment to economic prosperity.

This collaborative effort signifies a crucial step forward in the implementation of Lumi in Ghana, with both teams committed to overcoming challenges and realizing the potential impact of this innovative financial platform.

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