There are no Ghanaians in my church — Sonnie Badu

Ghanaian musician and preacher, Sonnie Badu, revealed that his church in America lacks Ghanaian members. According to the preacher, he doesn’t understand why there are no Ghanaians in his church, but any Ghanaian wanting to be part of it can stay if they are comfortable; otherwise, they can join Assemblies of God or Pentecost.

Speaking to Agyemang Prempeh on Power Entertainment, the “Flood Gate” crooner emphasized that if the majority of his church congregants were Ghanaians, it wouldn’t have made as much impact. Real impact, according to him, is when you are accepted by strangers, not your own people.

“If 80% of my church members were Ghanaians, it wouldn’t have been as impactful. Being in America and impacting your own people is not true impact. Real impact is when you go to strangers, and they meet and accept you,” he explained.

Despite this, he mentioned that he lost half of his congregants due to COVID-19. Before the pandemic, he had over 600 people, but afterward, the number reduced to 350.

However, he highlighted that his Tuesday services are the most significant because people come from London to America for deliverance service, and some drive for 6 to 9 hours to attend.

“Before COVID-19, we had over 600 to 650 people in the church within 5 years. Due to COVID-19, every church was shut down, and at some point, only 10 people were allowed in the church auditorium, which included the media team, me, and protocol. So we lost two years to COVID-19. The faith of people in America is different from Africans. If an African is sick, they will start praying and seek spiritual intervention, but an American will go to the hospital if they are sick. Now, I have around 350 congregants in my church. On Tuesday nights, people come from London for deliverance service, and others drive for 9hrs or 6hrs. Tuesday nights are our biggest nights.”




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