TUC leadership have failed Ghanaian workers – Norbert Gborgbortsi

The current leadership of the Trades Union Congress and by extension, other union leaders have been accused of working against the interest of the suffering Ghanaian workers.

According to Norbert Gborgbortsi, Convener of Aggressive Public Sector Workers, a breakaway group from Organized labour, government has been emboldened to act with impunity because labour, a key component of good governance has treated critical issues with ‘kid gloves.

His reaction follows the decision to suspend the planned nationwide protest against the imposition of 15% VAT on electricity and the economic mess Ghana as been plunged into as a result of an ‘elephant sized’ government, on a spending spree at the pleasure of a government, passing the bill to businesses and the average Ghanaian through imposition of taxes.

Mr Gborgbortsi who was speaking to Kwame Minkah on Power FM’s morning Show, ‘Dwaboase’, could not hide his disappointment when, TUC Secretary General, Dr Yaw Baah, who together with other union leaders, had vowed to send a strong signal to government, first extended the deadline of an ultimatum to government to buy space and later call off the February 13, 2024, protest.

“The TUC has engaged in a lot of decisions that didn’t favour its members. Before TUC takes any decision, they consult Labour Union leadership. When it came to the demand for suspension of VAT on electricity, there were consultations with the labour unions, “so what at all have TUC leaders seen that we haven’t”. Gborgbortsi questioned.
His comments syncs with critical view on social media which suspect the leadership of the TUC which drives organized labour is in bed with government.
Mr Gborbortsi continued … “the leadership of TUC is failing to tell the truth and also how to radically fight for good things for workers and this is now at the lowest ebb. It looks as if the current TUC leaders have hands in the current administration, which makes it difficult for them to take certain radical decisions that will favour its members.
Mr. Gborgbortsi noted with concern, that following the disappointment, it will be very difficult for the TUC and by extension, Organized labour in future, to call on people to demonstrate.
He feared, the development is further weakening the labour front and more breakaways may soon follow.
He said the Aggressive Public Sector Workers union, which fell off with the TUC, may soon be compelled to bus its members to the TUC headquarters to demonstrate against the leadership for taking workers, whose contributions oil the TUC operations, for granted.
Norbert Gborgbortsi re-affirmed the resolve of the Aggressive Public Sector Workers to keep piling pressure on government to act responsibly.


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