Vanuatu Trade Commissioner to Ghana becomes first African to be received by Vanuatu Parliament

In a momentous encounter on Friday, February 16, 2024, the Vanuatu Trade Commissioner to Vanuatu, H.E Amb. Prof. Hugh Keku Aryee, became the first African tk address the Parliament of the the Republic of Vanuatu.

The engagement, was to brief the House on activities in Ghana and how to exploit the huge untapped potentials between the two countries and to foster relations for mutual benefit.

Speaker of Vanuatu’s Parliament, Rt.Hon. Simeon Seoule Davidson Parliament in his welcome address, commended H.E Professor Hugh Aryee and the Trade Commisson in Ghana as a collective for their proactive initiatives to market to the world the Republic of Vanuatu’s ‘Open Door’ policy.

His address touched on the historical significance of the invitation, particularly to Africa as a whole.

Honourable Simeon Seoule, could not hide his excitement and willingness to engage the African community since his election on June 15, 2021.

Rt. Honourable Simeon Seoule, who is also the Member of Parliament and Epi Constituency acknowledged the profound historical connection between Africa and Vanuatu, tracing back to the early settlement and migration during the Oceania formation, particularly the origins of Melanesians.

Emphasizing the Trade Commissioner Aryee’s role in facilitating trade and economic development between Ghana, West Africa, and Vanuatu, the Honorable Speaker of the Republic of Vanuatu expressed optimism that the Trade Commissioner’s visit would open up new business opportunities, strengthen cultural exchanges, and foster mutual cooperation.

He also envisioned a collaborative effort between Ghana and Vanuatu for a shared and progressive future.

The Vaunatu Trade Commissionerto Ghana H.E Amb. Prof. Hugh Keku Aryee thanked Rt. Hon Simeon Seoule for the warm reception pledging committee to facilitate business linkages for shared growth of the two countries.

and shared insights into his initiatives.


The Trade Commissioner highlighted the importance of his role in promoting Vanuatu to West Africa and the entire continent.

He briefed the Members of Parliament on the successful hosting of the VACONGHA 2023 fair that showcases Vanuatu’s products and businesses.

HE Amb. Prof. Hugh Keku Aryee drew to the attention of the Vanutu Parmiament, visa-acquisition -related challenges faced by many Ghanaians and Africans who wish to visit Vanuatu.

He stressed the need to streamline necessary protocols especially on foreigners visiting Vanuatu for business, investment, or tourism.

The Trade Commissioner extended an invitation to the Vanuatu Parliament to visit Ghana

The visit he explained will not only give him the opportunity to not only to meet Ghana’s Speaker of Parliament on shared values and to open up direct engagements with government official as well as stakeholders on areas of investment, business, trade, tourism.

The meeting concluded with a presentation of gifts by the Rt.Hon. Speaker Rt.Hon. Simeon Seoule Davidson to H.E Amb.Prof. Hugh Aryee, symbolizing the mutual goodwill between Republic of Vanuatu and Ghana.

Both Honourable Simeon Seoule and Trade Commissioner Aryee expressed anticipation for continued visits, cooperation, and mutual benefits between Ghana and Vanuatu.

The historic encounter lays the groundwork for strengthening of ties and collaborative endeavors between Ghana, Africa and the Republic of Vanuatu- Professor Hugh Aryee emphasized.

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