Water crisis: Accra’s population has outgrown our capacity – GWCL

The Managing Director of the Ghana Water Company Limited, (GWCL) Ing. Dr. Clifford Braimah, has stated that the population of Accra has outgrown the capacity of the water company.

Residents in various parts of Accra, including Adenta, Kasoa, Weija, and Apaapa in La, have voiced concerns about the irregular water supply affecting their communities.

This situation, the residents claim has adversely impacted their daily lives, forcing some to resort to purchasing water from tankers at exorbitant prices.

Complaints from residents suggest that the Ghana Water Company Limited failed to communicate plans for temporary water supply cuts in specific communities, with some reporting an absence of water for nearly a year.

Addressing the issue of inconsistent water on Monday, January 22, Ing. Braimah acknowledged the need for the GWCL to upgrade its machinery to meet the increasing demands of Accra’s residents.

“Already in Accra, the volume of water we produce, the population has outgrown it, and we are looking at putting up a new system at Kpone to boost our production but resource constraint has been the problem, Since 2017, 2018, we have been working and we have not settled on finances.

“So already if you have a limited volume of water coming into the system, and your population is big, you have to block them and supply them according to the demands of the people but you cannot give everybody [water] at the same times otherwise some will not get. And so we have been limited for a very long time.”

Ing. Braimah, however, acknowledged that some complaints were related to localized faults, which, when reported to the nearest GWCL office, could be addressed promptly.


Source: Citinewsroom.com

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