You’ve taken so much taxes yet can’t pay public workers – Kwaku Boahen blasts Govt

A former Deputy National Communication Officer of the NDC, Kwaku Boahen has harshly criticised President Akufo-Addo over the labour unrest currently being witnessed in the country.

Speaking on Inside politics on TV XYZ, the vociferous politician said the government has been insensitive to the plights of workers and Ghanaians in general

“Today we can’t buy fuel, food, and yet we are being burdened with a lot of taxes. In all these, if the government cannot better the working conditions of service of public workers, then they have to go on strike,” he stated.

He urged the striking workers to continue to agitate for better working conditions until the government listens to them and do the right thing.

The Tertiary Education Workers Union of Ghana (TEWUG) are currently on strike over the payment of their Tier-two pension.

The strike started yesterday, February 1, 2024 over the government’s failure to address various concerns, including welfare needs, vehicle maintenance allowance, and overtime allowance.

The union has withdrawn various services, including cleaning the environment, setting up classrooms, providing security, and hospital services.

Kwaku Boahen believes TEWUG should have withdrawn their services long ago because the government deliberately decided to impose hardship on them.



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