Decision to reorganize PTA unnecessary; reverse it – Apaak to GES

The Deputy Ranking Member on the Education Committee of Parliament, Dr. Clement Apaak, has described as unnecessary the decision of the Ghana Education Service (GES) to reorganize the existing Parent-Teacher Associations (PTA) into Parent Associations (PA).

He has thus urged the Ghana Education Service (GES) to immediately reverse the decision, stressing that PTAs over the years have played significant roles in complementing the government’s efforts to providing quality education in the country.

GES recently announced that it would reorganize PTAs into PAs to address financial and operational challenges associated with providing access to education in schools.

But Dr. Apaak believes the decision to realign parent-teacher associations is “totally unnecessary.”

“The PTAs have and continue to play a very important role in assisting the government in delivering education. You go to many secondary schools across this country, you will see structures that were put up by PTAs,” Dr. Clement Apaak said in an interview with Citi News.

The GES has developed new guidelines for Parent Associations, previously known as Parent-Teacher Associations (PTAs), in pre-tertiary schools in the country.

The guidelines prohibit teachers from being part of the Association, impose restrictions on teachers collecting fees from students preventing them from writing exams, and stipulate that parents whose wards have completed school must no longer be part of the Association.

The Secretary of the National Council of the Parents Teachers Association in Ghana, Gapson Kofi Raphael, has also expressed dismay at the Ghana Education Service over its guidelines on PTAs.

He described the actions by the GES as unlawful and illegal.




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