Mahama promises to increase DACF from 5% to 7% if he wins 2024 polls

The flagbearer of the opposition NDC,  former President John Mahama, has promised to increase the district assembly common fund (DACF) from the current 5% to 7% if he wins the 2024 elections.

Mr. Mahama made the revelation after casting his vote in today’s district assembly elections in his hometown, Bole.

The former president explained that it was important to increase the DACF to help accelerate rural development in his government.

“If God smiles on us, and we win the 2024 elections, we are going to take decentralization seriously, the rest of the ministries seriously, and the rest of the MMDAs that are still centralized. We are going to complete the decentralization so that we truly hand over power to the people at the local government level. Until we get our decentralization right, Ghana is not going to go anywhere, and so we are going to take it seriously,” he stated.

Mr. Mahama also called on the Electoral Commission of Ghana to take measures to prevent the incidents of malfunctioning equipment and delayed commencement of voting witnessed in the district assembly elections from recurring during the 2024 General elections to cause chaos.



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