Childhood’s Disability Screening App launched

The Director in charge of Special Education Division at the Ghana Education, Helena Mensah, says the launch of the Childhood’s Disability Screening App, marks a significant milestone in the delivery of inclusive education.

According to her, the initiative being piloted in Ghana creates one of the best opportunities for teaching and learning in special schools.
The disability screening app, called Disability Detect, was developed by Chance for Childhood in partnership with Entain’s Ennovate Innovation Hub.

In a brief press release, the Director in charge of Special Education Division at the GES expressed optimism that ehe tool will ensure such special children are not left out and that their physical disabilities are detected early enough for the right interventions.

Madam Helena Mensah noted with appreciation how the new project, being piloted in Ghana will, address one major challenge that many educators and parents face iparticularly in identifying disabilities in children because they do not have adequate capacity and easily accessible screening tools to detect such difficulties.

This transformative technology heralds a radical new approach to supporting the complex challenges faced by millions of children who are being excluded from education and are unable to reach their potential.

“This toolkit is a game-changer for early childhood education in Ghana,” said Anna-mai Andrews, CEO, Chance for Childhood.

She continued…. “By equipping teachers and parents with the knowledge and tools to identify developmental delays and disabilities early, we can ensure that every child is given the support they need to thrive.”

Disability Detect is an easily accessible mobile app that equips teachers and parents with the necessary tools to screen pre-school aged children for developmental delays and disabilities. The application is designed to work even in low technology environments, ensuring that every child, regardless of their circumstances, can reach their full potential.

Chance for Childhood has trained 40 teachers on the Disability Detect App to pilot it in 20 governmental pre-primary schools to identify children with developmental delays and disabilities early in their lifetime, so that effective interventions and support can be provided. It is also expected to enhance individual and organisational capacity in the identification of children with developmental delays and disabilities by improving training, knowledge, and skills.

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