Corruption fight: No actor in this NPP corruption enterprise will be spared – Mahama

Former President John Mahama has reiterated his commitment to tackling corruption impartially when he returns to power.

The flag bearer of the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) believes corruption has been normalized under the current Akufo-Addo government and stifled development in the country.

Addressing journalists on Sunday night in Accra, the former President emphasized his unwavering commitment to retrieving state resources that had been plundered by persons wielding power in the current regime.

He noted that he will no longer adopt a lenient stance when it comes to dealing with corrupt activities.

“I can assure you, if you believe that I was imbued the father-for-all syndrome, it’s been exorcised. And it’s been exorcised because it is a demand by the people of Ghana.”

Mahama said his goal is to launch a renewed fight against corruption and keep his appointees in check.

“Ghanaians can be assured that drastic steps will be taken to punish the corrupt officials and their accomplices in this present government.”

“No actor in this NPP corruption enterprise will be spared,” he assured and stated his government will also “take action to repossess what has been unlawfully stolen from the Ghanaian people.”

“As we all know, government procurement is a significant source of corruption. No economy can sustain inclusive and equitable social and economic well-being with the penchant for public service holders to be self-serving and corrupt, as is currently the case, ” he added.

Mahama also pledged that under his regime, the use of public finances will always be compliant with national laws, transparent, justified by contemporary value-for-money tests, and solely in the interest of the broader citizens.

“If we want to eliminate corruption, we must increase accountability in government procurement processes,” he stated.

Accountability, he noted, “gives power back to the people.”

Mahama went on to assure the people of Ghana that the NDC government under his leadership will fully be committed to


By Henryson Okrah|

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