Court dismisses Side Chick lawsuit against Sugar Daddy, Orders GH¢10k in costs for Seyram

Deborah Seyram Adablah’s lawsuit against former Chief Finance Officer of a bank Ernest Kwasi Nimako has been dismissed by the Accra High Court.

The court, led by Justice John Bosco Nabarese, ruled that although the relationship between Adablah and Nimako was considered immoral, there was no reasonable cause of action in her filed writ.

In its judgment, the court expressed a reluctance to give judicial approval to the foundation of their relationship, stating, “You cannot recover the price of something you have committed into an immoral act.” As a consequence of the dismissal, Adablah has been slapped with a cost of GH¢10,000.

This decision follows an application by Nimako urging the court to strike Adablah’s case. In her lawsuit, filed in January 2023, Adablah alleged promises from Nimako, including a car, three years of accommodation, monthly stipends, marriage after divorcing his wife, and a lump sum for a business. However, the court rejected her claims, leading to the dismissal of the case and the cost order.

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