Gospel music is a full time business, you need money to run it – Ohemaa Mercy

Celebrated Ghanaian Gospel artiste, Ohemaa Mercy, has added her voice to the discussion of Gospel artistes and charging money for performances and events.

Speaking in an interview with Accra-based Neat FM on July 8, 2024, she opened up about the Gospel music industry, highlighting both its spiritual rewards and its financial demands.

Ohemaa Mercy stated that while the ministry is spiritually fulfilling and comes with divine blessings, it is also expensive and requires costs that need to be paid.

The Gospel singer pointed out that expenses such as payment for staff, bills, promotional costs and others require money, thus, despite the spiritual benefits, money is still an important factor in the Gospel music industry.

“This ministry is full of sacrifices, and those sacrifices do not go unnoticed; God will definitely bless you in one way or another.

“But as much as there is the spiritual side which has its own blessings, there is also a business side to it that requires money.

“For example, as a Gospel artiste, I have staff to pay; I have to cover expenses like fuel and bills, book venues, and promote shows. All of that requires money.

“So yes, there are blessings, there are people who God will send to help you. But that doesn’t mean Gospel musicians don’t need money; Gospel music is a full-time business… You need money to run it,” she said.

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