I will vote for the NDC only if their policies are better than the NPP – Cwesi Oteng

Celebrated gospel musician, Cwesi Oteng, firmly expressed that he would cast his vote for the NDC only if their policies surpass those presented by the NPP.

“If the NDC presents a policy that I find better than the policy that the NPP is presenting or a policy that the CPP or whoever is presenting, I will definitely vote for the NDC,” he asserted.

As the country enters an election year, Cwesi Oteng explained that he is actively listening and observing political parties to discern which one aligns best with his ideals and desires. He emphasized that his vote is open to any political party that presents the most favorable policies.

During a discussion about his political inclinations with Afia Owusu, widely known as Afia Coke, on Xzone on TV XYZ, Mr. Oteng disclosed that he remains nonpartisan, prioritizing Ghana above all. However, he stressed that no artist would vote for a political party that fails to address the issues affecting the nation.

“As I sit here, I don’t belong to any party, and I’m listening to everybody and watching what everybody is saying. I’m not partisan; Ghana first. We are not going to vote for people who are not coming to solve our problems,” he added.

Watch the video below; 

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