24 hour economy is not well communicated; Ghanaians do not understand – Cwesi Oteng

Gospel musician Cwesi Oteng has cautioned the NDC, pointing out that their 24-hour economy policy is poorly communicated, resulting in a lack of understanding among Ghanaians.

“The 24-hour economy is a great idea, and to tell you the truth, Ghanaians are willing to understand what the 24-hour economy policy is,” he expressed during an interview on Xzone on TV XYZ with Afia Coke.

According to the gospel musician, the NDC needs to emphasize a flagship idea within the 24-hour economy concept and concentrate their message on that, advising them to refrain from excessive talking.

While acknowledging the positive aspect of the 24-hour economy policy, he admitted to hearing about it but not knowing the specifics. “Of course, they are talking, but I think that when it comes to politics, don’t say too many things. Pick a flagship idea from your many concepts and champion that idea rather than talking excessively. I only hear 24-hour economy; I don’t hear the specifics,” he added.

Cwesi Oteng advises that anyone who supports the NDC should grasp the essence of his statements and refrain from excessive talking.

Drawing a parallel between the 24-hour economy policy and Free SHS, the celebrated gospel musician disclosed that the NPP, in contrast to the NDC, didn’t engage in extensive discourse but instead focused on pushing the Free SHS agenda, which gained widespread attention.

“Any person who supports the NDC should grasp the essence of what I’m saying instead of talking excessively. The NPP wasn’t talking excessively; they picked Free SHS, and it was everywhere,” he concluded.



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