May Day: ICU-Ghana warns govt against short-changing public sector workers

The Industrial and Commercial Workers’ Union Ghana (ICU-Ghana) of the Trades Union Congress (TUC) has cautioned the government that it won’t stay aloof for them to be short-changed under the guise of global economic recession.

This call comes on the back of the May Day celebration on the theme Election 2024: “The Role of Workers and Social Partners in Securing Peaceful Elections for National Development”.

In a statement signed and issued by the General Secretary of the union Morgan Ayawine, he explained that economies are recovering hence there must be a deliberate attempt by the government to improve the conditions of service of public sector workers.

“We must jealously protect and guard against any employer who may want to short-change labour under the guise of global economic recession when it has been established that economies and businesses are recovering and the outcomes are positive,” the statement said.

The union also warned employers who convert permanent job positions to casual and contract work in the bid to maximize profit to desist from such actions.

“Whilst we work collaboratively with our social partners to increase jobs and protect same, it is pertinent to sound a note of caution to employers who indulge in such demeaning practices of converting permanent job positions to casual and contract work in a bid to maximize profit, to halt it out rightly, as it is not only demotivating but also unacceptable and may eventually backfire on them”.

The union, however, applauded employers who assist and help workers work in a conducive environment.

“For the empathetic employers who share in workers’ pain and are doing their bit to alleviate the pains and suffering, we salute and appreciate them and encourage them to do more, and in the same measure workers should continue with their avowed commitment to working harder all year round, to ensure high productivity, profitability and sustainability of the employers’ businesses to achieve their organizational goals for the mutual good of both parties and the growth and development of the national economy”.

On the 2024 general elections, ICU Ghana also urged its members to refrain from acts that could undermine the peace and stability ahead of the 2024 general elections.

“The National Union (ICU-Ghana), therefore, wishes to take this opportunity to advise all workers to stay away from any person who would want to influence you to do acts that could undermine the peace and stability of the country in this year’s elections”.



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