MUSIGA to provide musicians at tourist sites to project GH music- Bessa Simons

PRESIDENT of the Musicians Union of Ghana (MUSIGA), Bessa Simons, has announced plans to provide musicians and cultural troupes at various tourist sites across the country in a bid to showcase Ghana’s rich music and cultural heritage to tourists.

Incorporating elements of music and dance which are integral aspects of the Ghanaian culture would amplify the country’s music presence on the global stage.

In a recent chat with Graphic Showbiz, Bessa Simons said there was the need to integrate music and dance into the tourists’ experience because they were only left to explore the physical beauty of tourist sites, while they overlooked music and dance traditions.

“Under the initiative, MUSIGA will liaise with the Ghana Tourism Authority (GTA) to provide musicians and cultural troupes to specific regions visited by tourists.

“Whether visitors are in the Central Region enjoying Asafo music or in the Northern Region experiencing traditional instruments, MUSIGA will offer a comprehensive representation of Ghana’s music landscape”, he said.

He explained that the initiative would involve a collaboration between the authorities overseeing the various tourist sites and local musicians in the regions. Together, they would devise a comprehensive plan for integrating music and dance performances into the tourist experience.

“The process entails careful consideration of factors such as the frequency of tourist influx to determine the appropriate schedule for performances. Some sites may opt for weekly, fortnightly, or monthly shows, depending on negotiations and agreements reached with the musicians involved.

“You see, you cannot leave music out when it comes to tourism, everywhere you go, music plays a special role. And it is one of the things that people take away with them because the music can still let them remember Ghana”, he added.

In addition to enhancing the tourism experience, Bessa Simons told Graphic Showbiz MUSIGA was also gearing up to host a Ghana Music Festival every December.

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