Gloria Sarfo is one of the very best in our industry – Pascal Amanfo

Renowned Ghanaian filmmaker, Pascal Amanfo has expressed his admiration and longing to collaborate once again with the ever-talented Ghanaian actress, Gloria Sarfo.

According to the popular movie director, It hurts him so much that he hasn’t been able to work with the screen goddess in a Long Time, adding that Gloria is one of the very Best in the movie industry and is good at what she does.

The multiple award-winning movie producer made this statement during an interview with colleague actor and producer, Eddie Nartey.

Having previously collaborated on projects together, Amanfo’s acknowledgment of Sarfo’s prowess highlights her versatility and skill as an actress. His lamentation over the lapse in their collaboration speaks volumes about the impact of Sarfo’s contributions to the Ghanaian film scene and her ability to elevate any project she’s a part of.

His desire to reunite with Sarfo reflects a mutual admiration and understanding of each other’s craft, emphasizing the value of collaboration in producing memorable and impactful work.

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