NACOC seizes $6m worth of Cocaine at KIA, 2 British nationals arrested

The Narcotics Control Commission (NACOC), in collaboration with the UK National Crime Agency, has successfully intercepted a significant drug trafficking attempt at the Kotoka International Airport in Accra.

Acting on intelligence, officers seized 166.88 kilograms of suspected cocaine on Monday, June 10, 2024, from the luggage of two British passengers traveling together.

According to a NACOC statement, the estimated street value of the confiscated narcotics is $6.48 million.

The detainees, identified as Hall Shamin Ethline and Graham Omar Adel, were scheduled to board a British Airways flight bound for Gatwick when their luggage raised suspicion.

Upon further inspection, all six suitcases belonging to the two passengers—three each—were found to contain a total of 72 slabs of suspected cocaine.

A breakdown of the seizure reveals that Hall Shamin Ethline’s luggage contained approximately 83.44 kilograms of the illicit substance, mixed with personal belongings.

Similarly, Graham Omar Adel’s luggage also contained roughly 83.44 kilograms of suspected cocaine alongside his personal items.

Both individuals have been arrested and are currently assisting with investigations to determine the full extent of the trafficking operation.



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