NCCE intensifies education on district level elections in Guan District

The Guan District Directorate of the National Commission for Civic Education (NCCE) in the Oti Region has intensified public education on the upcoming district level elections.

The move is to whip up interest in the polls, which have witnessed low turn-out over the years.
the Guan District Director, NCCE, Mr Abass Uthman,addressing Chiefs and people of Likpe-Mate, urged them to take keen interest in the polls as its importance could not be over-emphasised.
He said participation in the elections was necessary because it formed the base structure of the local government system in Ghana, thus would help deepen local governance and consolidate the country’s democratic gains.

Mr Abass noted that the development of the local governance system mandated the citizenry to elect to office individuals who would seek their welfare, hence the election must be deviod of partisanship, but rather on competence, experience and the willingness to serve the people.

He, however, bemoaned the level of voter apathy and disinterest in the polls saying it threatened democratic governance and advised the electorate to desist from taking money from the candidates before voting for them.

Chief of Likpe-Mate, Nana Ofori Gyahene III, in a speech read on his behalf, commended the NCCE for the programme and asked for its replication in other areas to create awareness.

The Electoral Commission has announced December 19, 2023 for the District Level Election in the Jasikan and Guan districts following the passage of the Constitutional Instrument (CI) 119 and in accordance with the District Level Elections Regulations, 2015 (CI 89).

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