Security Analyst, Richard Kumadoe replies EC Boss on election violence

We are witnessing predetermined well orchestrated strategies to create violence in elections – EC Chair

Election Security is key, and election management proceedings are also key to every successful electioneering processes.

1. Who are the saboteurs who are planning to create violence, at where and how?

2. Is the security agencies aware of this Intent, and are they in the position to thwart it before long?

3. What is/are the causes and the intended purposes of the people who are behind the intended election violence?

4. Non-punishable of election offences will rationalise bad behaviour, and further promote antisocial tendencies around the inner perimeters of an election area, please, beware.

It’s a, and a duty we must all bear. Let’s stop the election violence.

*By Richard Kumadoe*
Founder, Independent Election Security and compliance watchers.

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