Tarkwa Assemblyman drowns en route to election campaign

In a devastating incident in Tarkwa, Western Region, a 34-year-old headteacher and incumbent assemblyman, Manasseh Addison Sackey, met an untimely end as he drowned in a river while on his way to campaign on Monday, December 4.

Sackey, also known as Teacher Obour, sought re-election in the Teberebie electoral area. The unfortunate incident occurred in a river connecting Aklika, marking a sombre turn in the local electoral landscape.

Sackey was part of a group of about five individuals travelling to nearby villages for the campaign. Despite warnings from his campaign crew to avoid the journey, Sackey insisted that it was a short distance and that he could return promptly.

Tragically, in the middle of the river, the canoe capsized, leading to the drowning of Sackey and another gentleman. Three survivors from the incident returned to report the tragedy. A search team was dispatched, and Sackey’s lifeless body was recovered around 6:00 pm, approximately four hours after the incident occurred at 2:00 pm.

Narrating the details in an interview on Citi FM, Prestea FM journalist Nana Esi Brew Monney shared the heartbreaking account, mentioning that the chief of the area declined to comment, and efforts to reach the municipal chief executive were ongoing.

The deceased’s body has been deposited at the Tarkwa municipal mortuary.

The incident draws parallels with a previous election season, as a former assembly member in the same constituency faced a similar fate two weeks before elections four years ago.


Source: Graphic.com.gh

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