Those against NDC’s 24-hr economy are enemies of the state- BOT

Certified chartered economist, Bernard Oduro Takyi has said the NDC’s 24-hour economy policy proposal is feasible and can help revive the economic mess created by the NPP government.

He said despite doubts by some members of the NPP, the policy will be implemented by the NDC government to create more sustainable jobs for the youth once Ghanaians vote John Mahama to power.

“The next NDC government intends to create an enabling ecosystem, special tax incentives and special metering system for businesses that opt to be on the programme,” Oduro Takyi stated on Kessben TV morning show.

“At the craft of the policy, the private sector will lead the initiative. it is government innovation but will be led mainly by the private sector.”

He also explained that, “the 24-hour economy comes with two benefits for businesses. One of the benefits is that the government will give businesses that will sign onto the 24-hour economy special metres that will consume less electricity than the normal metres and cut cost of doing business so many people can be employed. Also, businesses that will sign onto the 24-hour economy will receive tax discounts.”

Benard Oduro Takyi also known as (B.O.T) indicated that the Trade Union Congress (TUC) has already affirmed that the 24-hour economy policy and stated that its a game changer and further highlighted that the Global Info Analytics has also conducted a research on three occasions, and the outcome was that the 24-hour economy is in the minds of Ghanaian electorates.

“The policy proposal is in the minds of Ghanaians, according t the polls so the NPP fanatics must stop pretending they haven’t heard of it,” he said. “Whoever speaks against the 24-hour economy policy is either an enemy of employment or enemy of the state”

BOT stated that t the dream of every business person is to get a ready market and John Dramani Mahama has said that he will establish an Accelerated Development Export Council and be the chairman of the institution.

“The purpose of the Accelerated Development Export Council is that if the country produces more and the supply is high above the demand, he will make sure the excess is exported for the country to earn foreign exchange,” he said.

Urging Ghanaians to trust in the policy, BOT emphasised on unemployment rate that has escalated to 14.7% in the past year and thus, Ghanaians must trust the flag bearer of the NDC, former president John Mahama and vote him to power to execute the policies of the NDC that are geared toward creating more jobs.




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