You will suffer as an artiste if you are not prominent on the internet — IWAN

Reggae/dancehall artist IWAN has revealed that any artist who is not prominent on the internet will suffer.

Speaking on XZONE on TV XYZ, IWAN Suhuyini disclosed that the days of artists suffering because of a lack of internet presence are over. He emphasized that in today’s digital world, artists who are active online won’t go hungry.

“We are in a digital world. If you are not prominent on the internet, you will suffer. In the past, when we didn’t have streaming platforms, that’s when some of us artists suffered. But now, if you know what’s up, you won’t go hungry. However, if you talk too much, people think you’re already successful,” he said.

He told host Afia Owusu that as an artist, your music and numbers should speak for themselves, as some artists talk too much instead of letting their music do the talking.

“There are a lot of successful artists out there who don’t talk too much. I’m not saying I’m successful; I’m still striving for bigger numbers. Artistry and the music mission are not about that. Let the work speak for itself. When the work is out there, people will automatically know you’re doing good,” he added.




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