Eric Ahianyo writes

Eric Ahianyo writes

This was intercepted for the gerrymandering
For Ashanti region alone…

I have noticed the following which makes things go this way

FACT: It’s the last leg of the masterplan
1. The NIA was the first agenda GHANA CARD right? – EC AND NIA tried to push it through Parliament – assuring capacity and EC saying it’s willing … that backfired when the House shot it down
2. PLAN B: EC says i am limiting registration to district office far from the convention and the law (its mandate and the constitution) all cries, pleas snubbed – and we saw the bussing to district office regardless of hard to reach areas .. and that’s implemented today

3. PLAN C: Missing BVDs found out, denials and admissions. Then a decision to pick serial numbers is condemned but EC WILL EVENTUALLY realize it’s too late

4. PLAN D: Test the system … wrong figures on registers voters and the COREL draw story ..

5. PLAN E: A Police statement ordering Commanders to ensure that no one challenges people bused to register when it’s clear they are from other regions … how possible? YES !!! Because if the registration were to be at the polling stations.. you an I could easily identify neighbors and challenge.. so the fertile ground was laid long before

6. PLAN F: The gerrymander game: EC says no party agents allowed – NPP says they are right. Right?


They backed the district centers for registration
They condemned NDCs decision to pick serial numbers
They backed the Police statement
They want EC to apply a list

Well let Otumfuor, Chief IMAM, the Peace Council, CODEO, the Christian Council name them and the diplomatic community keep quiet for ever

I shall return

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